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Declare an Additional Major 

This form may be completed by any Engineering or Liberal Arts student looking to declare a major(s) other than their primary major.  Once submitted, the form will automatically be routed to the requested department for any students who declare an additional major in the School of Engineering. Students who wish to declare an additional major within the School of Arts and Sciences should review these resources for selecting a major advisor; additional resources are also available.
Student Information


Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their anticipated major advisor prior to submitting this form.

If you are declaring an additional major in COMPUTER SCIENCE the request for an advisor assignment must be sent to Megan Monaghan at Megan.Monaghan@tufts.edu

Can't find an email address? Search for it in the Tufts Directory, at https://directory.tufts.edu/
Some majors within both the School of Engineering and the School of Arts and Sciences include internships, clinics and/or lab work that may require students to hold valid work authorization or background checks to work in the United States. For example, the Engineering Education minor and  Community Health major typically require such authorization. If you do not have valid work authorization, but are still interested in pursuing one of these programs, please speak with your advisor or department chair about possible curricular alternatives. The Schools of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering are deeply committed to supporting all of its students, regardless of citizenship status, national origin or personal identity. The discoveries we endeavor to make together would not be possible without the diverse array of opinions and ideas that you bring to our classrooms and laboratories each semester. We are grateful that each of you has decided to come to Tufts.

By choosing to submit this form, I attest that the information provided in this form is accurate and acknowledge that possessing valid work authorization may be a necessary pre-requisite for completing the intended additional major.