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Multiple Final Exam Notification


The TCU Student Senate has asked the Educational Policy Committee to explore the possibility of creating a policy regarding undergraduate students with three or more final exams within a 24-hour period.  A final exam is an in-class exam offered during the final exam period (December 14th - December 21st for Fall 2017 and May 4th – May 11th for Spring 2018).

This pilot program, and your validation of your scheduled final exams, is an attempt to gauge the volume of students in this situation.

Students who complete this form will work with their instructors to attempt to reschedule one of the exams, which may not be possible.


  1. Complete this form no later than November 1st for Fall 2017 or April 1st for Spring 2018. The more lead time you provide for this, the more time you will have to work with your professors to find a solution.
  2. Upload a syllabus for each of the courses you list below.

Student Information

Exam Information

Exam Information

Exam Information

Advising Dean

Dean Barber: Arts & Sciences last names A to G and R.E.A.L. students.
Dean Baffi-Dugan: Arts & Sciences last names H to O.
Dean Olinsky: Arts & Sciences last names P to Z and combined NEC and SMFA programs.
Dean Gadd: Arts & Sciences all BFA, Diploma, and Post Bac students A to Z.
Dean Stephan: All undergraduate Engineering students A to Z.Click here to enter text

By submitting this form I attest that the information provided is accurate. 

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