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Request to change Pre-Matriculation Credits

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Use this form to change the credits you want to use toward your Tufts degree. If the Registrar's office does not have your scores on file you will need to submit your scores to Students Services.
  • credits from Advanced Placement examinations 
  • credits from international diploma examinations
  • credits from SAT II examinations 
  • credits from approved college courses taken before matriculation into Tufts through an approved program (this does not apply to transfer students.) 
  • Do not include Tufts Summer Session courses.
 See the Tufts Bulletin for approved examinations and scores, as well as possible equivalencies to Tufts courses. If the credit received is equivalent to a Tufts course, you may not take the course for additional credit. 
Liberal Arts students may use a maximum of 5 pre-matriculation courses toward the degree. These credits may be used toward the foundation requirements and may count toward only one of the two credits required in each distribution area.
Engineering students who matriculated before Fall 2018 may use a maximum of 32 pre-matriculation semester hours toward their requirements; those who matriculated in Fall 2018 and later may use a maximum of 27 pre-matriculation semester hours toward their requirements.

Note: These rules will be updated soon to account for the credit change to credit hours.
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Pre-Matriculation Details to ADD
Enter the exam and equivalency details that you would like to appear on your transcript.  As noted above and in the Bulletin, Liberal Arts students are limited to 5.0 pre-matriculation credits, Engineering students are limited to 8.0 pre-matriculation credits, and BFA students are limited to 4.0 pre-matriculation credits; note some equivalencies are for 0 credit. 

Pre-Matriculation Details to REMOVE
Enter the exam and equivalency details that you would like to to remove from your transcript.