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Undergraduate Pass-Fail Grading Petition

Due within the first ten weeks from the first day of classes for undergraduate students; review the academic calendar for specific dates.

Summer Session Pass/Fail dates are different and can be on the Summer Session Calendar.

Students in the School of Arts and Sciences may not use a student-elected pass/fail course to satisfy foundation, distribution, major or minor requirements. Additionally, completion of three-fourths of coursework completed at Tufts must be under standard grading; the remaining one-fourth of coursework completed at Tufts may be pass/fail.

School of Engineering students may count a maximum of eight pass-fail credits toward the total credits required for graduation. No introductory, foundation, or departmental concentration course may be taken pass-fail. Normally, no more than one course per semester may be taken pass-fail. No distinction is made between regular courses that students elect under the pass-fail grading and those courses in which grading is pass-fail. 

By clicking Submit at the bottom of this page, you are indicating that you have read and understand how electing to take a course pass/fail will affect the completion of your degree requirements.