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                                    Summer Course Registration Form

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
Please use this form to register for a CPT summer course. This form should be completed by the International Center (I-Center) to ensure the student is meeting the academic requirements necessary for CPT. The student must submit this form within three business days of the CPT approval from the I-Center. Failure to register in three business days will result in the cancellation of your CPT

Please Note: 
  • You must use this registration form to register for your course. Do not register for the course online. Students must register before the first day of either first summer session or second summer session, or a late fee will be applied. 
  • To earn full credit (3 credits) during the summer, students must pay the tuition of a full course credit. 
  • Students enrolling in an FMS internship course for CPT should contact the FMS department and will not be eligible for the reduced cost.
Student Information

Course Information

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By submitting this form I agree to to pay $966.00 per course credit assigned to this course and I understand that the tuition will be charged to the student account in SIS.