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A minor is a coherent group of four to six course credits that may be a limited version of a field of concentration (major) or a group of courses having closely related subject matter. Minors are optional and in no way replace the field of concentration. The object of a minor program is to present students with the basic concepts in a single scholarly discipline or interdisciplinary area, including an introduction to appropriate methodologies and ways of thinking about the subject.

No more than two course credits for Liberal Arts students may be used toward a minor may be used toward any other requirement, regardless of minor requirements. Students may not complete a major and a minor, or two majors, or two minors from the same department or program unless the department or program explicitly permits it. A student may have any number of majors and minors. All courses used in fulfillment of a minor must be taken for a grade (not pass/fail). There is a wide variety of minors offered within Arts and Sciences.

Engineering students may elect to enroll in a minor program in the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Engineering. All courses used in fulfillment of the minor program must be taken for a grade (not pass/fail). No more than two courses used to fulfill a foundation or concentration requirement may be counted toward fulfillment of the minor. Students following the bachelor of science with no major may not earn a minor.
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